My Ph.D. is from the University of Utah, department of philosophy. Currently I am an assistant professor at Texas State University in the department of philosophy. Previously, (2015-2016) I was a postdoctoral fellow at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics (medical school). Before that (2014-2015) I was a postdoctoral fellow at University of South Carolina, Center for Bioethics and Humanities. I have been teaching philosophy courses at the college and university level since 2007.

My primary area of specialization and interest is bioethics. My work in bioethics has mostly focused on the ethical and socially just uses of biotechnology to enhance our bodies, minds, morals, and emotions to live the kind of lives that we deem desirable. I am particularly interested in the justice questions that accompany arguments that assert we are morally obligated to use biotechnology to help socially disadvantaged people have access to opportunities. Secondly, my work has also focused on racial bias in medicine and how that affects the medical care that African Americans receive from clinicians. My other general areas of specialization and interests include medical humanities, research ethics, (particularly vulnerable populations in biomedical research), theories of justice in health care, and contemporary ethical theory. My areas of competence include business ethics and social and political philosophy.

I have published in peer-reviewed journals, anthologies, and textbooks. I also have been a regular contributor to American Journal of Bioethics’s online blog site since 2014, which can be found at My posts include topics such as death and dying, sports philosophy, professionalism in medicine and bioethics, race/culture and medicine, and research ethics.